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Superior distribution service for plastic raw materials worldwide. West Polymer offer an extensive portafolio for a wide range applications.

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Industry Focused Products!


As an HDPE, LDPE AND LLDPE polyethylene supplier with more than 15 years of experience in the plastic industry, West Polymer has specialized in polyethylene beads and polyethylene pellets production. We can guide ours clients, help and optimize their raw plastic materials supply chain, thus developing their activity.


West Polymer for more than 15 years are distribuiting  Polystyrene  and is able to provide any quantity of polystyrene plastic material in its most common forms GPPS, HIPS, EPS .  Contact us for more information.


West Polymer has become the main Polypropylene supplier of numerous plastic companies in America. Our experts engineers team  are dedicated to support of any issue concerning plastic material and Polypropylene production, supply or reselling. Our commercial team is committed to ensure our client a constant, steady and secured supply of Polypropylene material.


Polyethylene and Polypropilene are ones of the widely used polymers in the world in different applications. There are many concerns about environmental pollution and plastic degradations. One of the main solutions is recycling. We produced all kinds of recycled PE and PP. We can customize products according to customer demand. 

Today the markets is moving to Green Plastics as PLA and Sugar Cane. West Polymer can supply diferents green Polymers according to the news regulation.

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